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Detection Systems

PMCS represents Shaller Automation in the Caribbean region. Schaller Automation is one of the pioneers of Oil Mist Detectors. Since the late 1960's, VISATRON Oil Mist Detection systems protect large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines all over the world

Most important manufacturers of large Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines all over the world trust in a crankcase protection of their engines by Schaller Automation's VISATRON Oil Mist Detection Systems. But we do not only install these systems onboard ships but also on engines in Diesel and Gas power plants all over the world from ca. 1000 kW engine power.


Protecting large

Schaller Automation’s medium-term product philosophy is based on the idea to offer a Diesel Engine Monitoring and Security System - DIEMOS for the Monitoring and Protection of the entire Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engine against severe damage. Such damage may occur in case, the engine leaves its normal operational parameters or an unexpected incident happens.

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