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To keep you moving forward, PMCS is your regional expert for all your calibration needs. We maintain, repair, calibrate and certify control & instrumentation systems and equipment on any facility or vessel that involves process instrumentation across the region. Calibration involves the use of specialist calibrated and certificated test instrumentation specific to the system and its application.

Oily Water Separation & Callibration

PMCS is authorized by numerous manufacturers to calibrate and check the measuring cells of the oil monitor device.

Our team of service engineers can carry out the Annual Calibration Verification and Certification, regular servicing, troubleshooting and repair of Oily Water Separators.

Please ask us about the calibration of monitoring devices for certificates in accordance with marine legislation.




Gas Detectors

Calibration of gas detection and monitoring systems is essential to ensure that measured readings are accurate and repeatable. Nearly all manufacturers recommend a calibration of at least every 6 months.

We measure your equipment to make sure Oil Content Meter, (Oil-in-Water Monitor or Bilge Alarm Monitor) used with Oily Water Separator Systems meets International Marine Organization resolutions and Coast Guard requirements.

UTI level gauges

We calibrate and control your UTI level gauges to make sure, it forms a tightly sealed system that prevents toxic vapors from escaping and creates a closed gauging system for that tank.

ODME - Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

The ODME is a critical and sensitive device for the tanker's crew as well as for the ship company; as such device requires periodic maintenance and calibration.

For all our customers with an ODME inquiries we offer the following services:

  • Annual Maintenance, Calibration and Certification
  • Remote Troubleshooting and Technical Support
  • Service attendance on board.




Fire detection systems
inspection and testing

We are certified inspectors

Fire alarm systems are used to save lives every day. But they require regular inspection, testing, and maintenance. International maritime legislation and other code making organizations require annual inspection and testing as a way to ensure these systems will operate as to notify intended crew and other members of fire or other emergency.

Fire alarm systems operational reliability is only as good as the maintenance program used for inspection and testing. This is why we assist and certify you during regular inspections.


Your complete
calibration needs

Pressure Calibration

We calibrate your pressure calibrators to verify that the pressure sensor is reading the actual pressure, within some tolerance, in the environment it is applied.

Temperature Calibration

We are your partner for the calibration of any device used in a system that measures temperature. 

Torque Wrench Calibration

Torque Wrenches are among the most expensive hand tools on-board your vessel. It is important to have reliable and accurate torque wrenches to properly tighten bolts & nuts to manufacturer's specifications. PMCS carry out the testing, repair, calibration and certification of torque wrenches.


PMCS carry out the testing, repair, calibration and certification of your vessel's multimeters.