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Power Management and Control Systems (PMCS) is a Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility (AISF) for governors and actuators.

As such, PMCS offers controls for engines and turbines in a wide range of marine applications, including workboats, oil tankers, platforms, vessels and cargoships.


The Power of Woodward

Woodward mechanical hydraulic governors are used on many modern marine engine applications as they are very reliable, cost effective and simple to maintain. The mechanical ball head governor operates independent from any power source or other supervisory control system, making it comply with the IACS unified requirement for every type of marine engine application.

Combinations of actuators with ball head governors are the ideal solutions where electronic control is required for complex functionality and mapping specific engine conditions. The back-up mechanical governor enables the engine designer and operator to meet the classification requirements.

Woodward digital control solutions have the ability to perform the supervisory control system, including load sharing, load shedding, soft loading and unloading of the engine in complex propulsion systems. Woodward has a long and extensive experience in designing marine engine control solutions ranging from bulk cargo ships to complex applications vessels with high performance requirements.


Governor Repair & Placement

PMCS aids in the repair of upgrading of your integrated electronic controls with built-in safety, system redundancy, and protection.

Control Speed and Protection

New protection, control and automation applications for all your power management needs.

Calibration of machinery on boats

We supply highly trained and experienced calibration engineers using state-of-the-art equipment and software.

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governor types

Regulateurs Europa

Our repair stations and team provide our customers with a full range of products and services for all of the Dutch Eureopean governor (Europe governor) related needs.

Zexel's Diesel Keiki

PMCS can also service your Zexel Diesel Systems. Our professionals offer factory replacements, rebuild exchange pump service and exchange plans.

Basler Electric's
Voltage Regulators & Excitation Systems

We retrofit simple and even complex Automatic Voltage Regulatory (AVR) Excitation systems.

We provide AVR systems on hydro turbines, diesel, and gas engines. We proudly work on configuration systems that contain brush, are brushless, PMG, or bus fed excitation system.

Our team is extremely capable in this and we assist with individual and substantial AVR systems for land or marine, including excitation system design, installation and service.


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The importance of
Gas Detection

It is extremely important to regularly check for explosive atmospheres, oxygen deficiency, and toxic gases that may have leaked into the air. That's why our gas detectors are a critical piece of safety equipment that can be used for detection purposes.

PMCS offers a complete line of RKI's portable or fixed gas monitoring equipment for the marine section and offshore drilling platforms.

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Other Marine
services & products

AEG DC Power Supplies

PMCS ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments. We are proud to represent the AEG brand in the Caribbean region for AEG's proven track record for developing solutions for highly demanding applications in all types of infrastructures.

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Oil Mist Detection Systems by Schaller

PMCS represents Schaller Automation in the Caribbean region. Schaller Automation is one of the pioneers of Oil Mist Detectors.

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Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

PMCS is a trusted partner to support you with maintenance of your equipment for measurement of oil content in the ballast and slop water, to measure conformance with regulations.