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PMCS specializes in motion control solutions that improve the performance of downhole tools, rig and subsea equipment application for oil and gas exploration and production.

Our solutions emphasize faster drilling, improved accuracy and quicker completion rates in offshore and other hostile environments.

From providing your speed & protection system controllers, installing vibration systems, gas measurements, mist detection systems and pressure transmitters we collaborate with our customer to meet specialized needs.

GE Measurement's & Control

Oil and gas operations, including offshore, petrochemical, refineries and chemical, top the list of extreme operating environments.

Work conditions are hazardous. Safety is critical. Detecting and preventing unexpected oil and gas machinery and component problems is a priority.

Reliability engineers and condition monitoring teams depend on vibration analysis and diagnostics to detect baseline and trend machinery health, as well as provide early warning of potential damage.


What we

Install WW Controllers

We specialize in all your WW related controllers and overspeed detection systems for protecting and controlling Rotating equipments.

Install Vibration Systems

We install vibrations monitoring systems ensuring early warning to prevent machinery break down.(Damage)

We install gas measurements systems to provide greater safety assurance in petrochemical, power generation and combustion efficiency applications.

Mist Detection Systems

We will install your oil mist detectors, to make sure the formation of oil mist is detected before it reaches a dangerous level.

Our areas of

Installing vibration systems

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Turbine Pump Compressors

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Gas Measurements

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Pressure Transmitters

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